Do you have painful shoulder arthritis?

Stop the nonsense of total joint replacement that involves suffering through a painful recovery that you will never truly recover from. Take advantage of a less invasive technique that will leave you with less pain and recovery time, and return to your daily activities in no time! With total shoulder replacements, you are less likely to make a full recovery, and if you are an athlete that loves working out, or you don’t want to take the risk of not getting full range of motion or mobility back in your shoulder again, then you need to look into other options.

Reduce your recovery time with shoulder resurfacing. Not only will this new and less invasive surgery reduce your recovery time, but it will preserve the natural anatomy of your shoulder, so that you will be active for years to come! There is currently no other doctor other than Dr.Kovack that can perform this surgery. It is the perfect and ideal surgery for patients who are younger, or patients in all walks of life who are still highly active and who wish to remain that way post-surgery.

The patients who have undergone this shoulder resurfacing surgery have been able to go back to their daily lives and not skip a beat! They have returned to their sports, weightlifting and workouts, and they are continuing to do the physical activities they love and live highly active lifestyles, without restriction and pain-free! When comparing the results of these surgeries to total joint replacement surgeries, our patients have experienced less recover time, pain, and can do almost everything they were able to do before the surgery.

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