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I had my 3rd rotator cuff surgery on July 12. This was my first surgery with Dr Kovack. Several doctors I had seen about this injury were suggesting a reverse shoulder. I wasn’t ready for that and so I did lots of research to find out what could be done and who could repair the damage. I located Dr Kovack here in Columbus. He stated immediately how he would correct my injury. Surgery and post op physical therapy went well. 5 months later I’m back at my massage office! Highly recommended!! Ken

Ken Klosterman


Left a review- but didn’t have enough wording left for me to include everthing I would like to say about this Doctor and his whole staff and assistants They are simply fantastic in everyway possible-I am sitting here writing this 12 days after shoulder surgery and really feel good about the surgery and really really great for choosing this Doctor and his staff for taking care of it for me -special thanks to all and a little extra thanks to Stacie for all her help Thank you all and GOD BLESS.

William Justice


Dr. Kovack completed a partial rotator cuff repair, partial labrum repair, biceps tenodesis, and bone spur removal with a Bovine patch on my left shoulder in November of 2017. To date, my results have exceeded expectations and the ATI physical therapy staff (specifically Anthony Long, Tyler Hanson and Kris Berry) at Hand and Microsurgery are excellent. It is hard to imagine a better surgical or physical therapy experience.

Matthew Wolf


I am so pleased with the outcome of my surgery with Dr. Kovack. His alternative to shoulder replacement was just what I was looking for. Three and a half months after surgery I am pleased to say that I have total mobility. I am very pleased with the results and I would highly recommend Dr. Kovack.

Terry Kelso


The first doctor I saw told me that I needed to have my shoulder replaced. I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Kovack and he told me that total shoulder resurfacing would correct the issues I was having with range of motion and pain. Two months after my shoulder resurfacing surgery I had full range of motion and could, once again, complete daily activities with ease. Anthony Long and Tyler Hanson are excellent physical therapists. I highly recommend Dr. Kovack and his entire staff!

Ron Blymire


AWESOME doctor. Went over my MRI results, and looked at the disc of MRI. Came back in said i needed surgery told me what he needed to do about how long i would be in a sling. Time off work. Very compassionate. Can’t wait to get my shoulder surgery, and healed back to normal. ? I would highly recommend.. All of the office Staff very nice. Gave you a welcome feeling.

Mary Kay Marriott


Had a positively wonderful experience. I live in Toledo Ohio and came to Dr. Kovack’s office for a total shoulder replacement. He is awesome, the best possible surgeon. His skill is immense. I had a difficult case, he had me take a CT scan in order to produce a 3D rendering and create guides used in surgery.

The result is amazing. I am 73 and 11 weeks out of surgery. I already have terrific function, no pain, and look forward to a completely normal life.

And, by the way, he is a terrific guy !

Henry Ledgard
Professor, University of Toledo

Henry Ledgard


I was referred to Dr Kovack by a former football teammate who like myself was in need of a shoulder replacement. I never knew that the procedure of a shoulder resurfacing was available and that Dr Kovack was doing this surgery for patients in the midwest. He is excellent and 4 months after surgery, I am able to weight train without pain. Thank you Dr.Kovack, this was an answer to a prayer!!

Geno DeMarco


Was able to get in for my shoulder right away. Dr. Kovack was very pleasant and explains exactly what your options are. He explained exactly what he would be doing during the surgical procedure. His bedside manner is great. A+++ doctor. Wouldn’t hesitate a bit to go back to Dr. Kovack if I needed another procedure. In fact my wife is now seeing him for her knee after a bad experience with another Dr.

Jess Byles

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