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A New Approach To Treating Rotator Cuff Disease…

It is estimated that approximately 4,000,000 Americans contend with some form of rotator cuff disease, and more than 50 percent of Americans older than 60 have a torn rotator cuff. Despite the prevalence of conditions leading to injured or torn rotator cuffs, only recent technological advances have allowed experts in the field to provide patients with more reasonable and promising solutions.

Dated Rotator Cuff Solutions

Up until this point, physicians have had to rely on invasive surgical solutions for rotator cuff repair, often only able to address the degrading rotator cuff at the later stages of degeneration. Results from these types of surgeries vary depending on the patient and the level of degeneration, and recovery times are often lengthy, requiring four to six weeks in a sling as well as four to six months of physical therapy.

Perhaps the greatest limitation of the rotator cuff treatments that have been used up to this point is the fact that they are focused only on the repair of the biomechanical structures of the rotator cuff, often suturing tendon to bone for structural stability. These types of repairs do nothing to strengthen the weak or deficient tendon tissue, so it is not uncommon for the patient to re-tear the same rotator cuff later on.

Because of these surgical limitations, many patients delay surgery for as long as they can or forgo surgery altogether. Unfortunately for these patients, even an asymptomatic torn rotator cuff can progress significantly over a relatively short period of time. The aim of this new technology is to improve these surgical options, giving patients the chance to experience relief much earlier and with a much better chance to maintain a high quality of life.

Promising New Technology

Board certified and fellowship trained orthopedic surgeon Dr. Thomas Kovack has introduced the Rotation Medical Rotator Cuff Bio-Inductive Implant to his Columbus, Ohio, practice, the first surgeon to do so in central Ohio. The implant, which is placed via a minimally-invasive arthroscopic shoulder surgery, is a collagen-based implant that is secured over the injured area of the rotator cuff. The implant then slowly dissolves, promoting the growth of new tendon-like tissue.

See the graphic below to learn more about this amazing new technology. We have also included links below to a relevant brochure and press release. Do you struggle with a condition affecting your rotator cuff? Schedule an appointment to discuss your rotator cuff repair options with Dr. Kovack.

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