It’s the final minute of the game. Tyler Winfriit gathers his team for the last huddle.

“Alright, men, this is our last drive. James, make sure you snap the ball hard and straight. Frankie, you better catch this pass. Jags on three.”

“1-2-3 Jags!”

The team breaks from the huddle and jogs to their position. Tyler stands yards away from James, his eyes focused on the ball. Seconds later the ball is in Tyler’s hands, and his eyes are on Frankie. He’s got to be 70 yards away. Three steps back, step, throw, rip. Frankie leaps over the defenseman to make the catch. James turns his back to see Tyler on his knees grasping his shoulder.

“Tyler, man, what a throw! Frankie caught it. There’s only three yards to go,” said James.

“Man, I don’t know if I can do it. My shoulder is throbbing,” replied Tyler.

“Come on, it’s one more play and we are the champs!”

Tyler and James run to meet the O-line at the three yard marker.

“It’s got to be a run in. There’s no way I can throw this one,” ordered Tyler.

And just as if it were the end of a movie, the Jags ran the ball to end the game. Tyler and his teammates ventured to the sideline. Screaming fans and beaming coaches welcomed the team to the victorious side. Tyler skipped past the celebrations and headed straight for the athletic trainer, ready to see what this shoulder pain is all about. The athletic trainer dabbled with Tyler’s shoulder and determined he probably tore a shoulder muscle or two.

“You should go see my good friend, Dr. Kovack about a total shoulder replacement. He’s in Columbus. He’ll get you healed in time for next season to start.”