The quickest way for ultimate shoulder recovery is extreme dedication to your recovery regime. Following a total shoulder replacement, there are three distinct eras of the regime: operation to six weeks, six to twelve weeks, and three to six months. Each era brings you closer to full health. Are you expecting to be back to full strength athleticism? Then you need to work hard and work smart. Six months may seem like a while, but your due diligent attitude during the six months will make it fly by.

Operation To Six Weeks

Immediately following Dr. Kovack’s total shoulder replacement surgery, it’s imperative to immobilize the shoulder to encourage natural healing. Apply ice. Keep your arm in a sling to keep the weight and pressure off the joint. Light physical therapy training allows your shoulder to begin healing. Let me stress light. The physical therapist will begin with simple stretches without extravagant movements.

Six To Twelve Weeks

Following the immobility and basic stretches, the next era of shoulder recovery takes you to limited motion arm movements. Relying completely on your body weight, yet not supporting your entire weight with your recovering arm, you can perform simple exercises such as pendulum arm swings, shoulder shrugs and other motions that don’t require a full rotation. This era focuses on range of motion. It’s imperative to retrain your muscles, tendons and joint to prevent stiffness and potential immobility.

Three To Six Months

Now’s the time to kick it into gear. You’ve got your range of motion, and now it’s time for strength training. Since it’s been about three months without much activity, ease into your strength training gracefully to avoid further injury. Hustling into heavy lifting can damage the new tissue. There are a plethora of shoulder exercises that are light but will get the job done.