We get it — your shoulder is painful and it’s preventing you from doing things you enjoy (let alone doing simple tasks around the house). From a few quick searches and a personal online diagnosis, you decide a total shoulder replacement, TSR, is what you need. You search “shoulder surgeon near me,” schedule an appointment, and that’s that!

However, here at the Columbus Shoulder Doc, we truly work hard to do what’s right for you and your body. Many shoulder surgeons will give anyone a total shoulder replacement — regardless of age and activity level. Why? Because it’s the easiest option. The best shoulder surgeons out there will look at important aspects in your life that suggest total shoulder replacement for your glenohumeral arthritis may not be the right option for you.

Here at the Columbus Shoulder Doc, Dr. Thomas Kovack looks at shoulder surgery alternatives that could be better suited to your lifestyle. Contact us today to discuss surgery alternatives or to get a second opinion on your shoulder.

You’re Still Young

Sure, you may have a mortgage, work full time, and feel old at the end of the day, but being in your 30s, 40s, and 50s is not old. The best shoulder surgeons recognize that a shoulder replacement is typically performed on patients older than 60 with severe glenohumeral arthritis. These patients have typically failed conservative care and have ongoing pain.

You, however, are still young! A total shoulder replacement takes more bone on the humeral side (the side where the ball is). For younger patients, this could introduce the need for another surgery in the future. Because if a total shoulder replacement were completed, there would be less bone available for the next surgery — meaning another replacement might not be possible.

You Have An Active Lifestyle

Whether you’re the person who still goes on a 5-mile run every morning or casually throws a ball for their dog every day, the best shoulder surgeons will recommend a shoulder surgery alternative if you’re active — even if you’re older than 60.

High activity levels can loosen the conventional cemented component, which would lead to more pain and surgeries in the future, along with limited mobility. Surgery alternatives exist that would be better suited to your lifestyle and ensure you can be just as active as you want for years to come.

Visit Us For Shoulder Surgery Alternatives In Columbus

There are plenty of surgery alternatives out there that can preserve your quality of life and ensure your future success and happiness. Here at the Columbus Shoulder Doc, Dr. Thomas Kovack is happy to evaluate your pain and walk you through shoulder surgery alternatives that will provide a thorough solution.

Check out our posts on PRP treatments, humeral head resurfacing, or surgeries to try instead of total shoulder replacement. Dr. Kovack will work closely with you to determine if a TSR is right for you depending on your age and lifestyle. If it isn’t ideal for you, we can offer the shoulder surgery alternatives that are. Contact us today to get started.