Regain Shoulder Strength with Stretching

If you’ve been reading our informative blog series. then you already know that our previous blog post mentioned how you can regain strength in your shoulder after your surgery with our top shoulder specialist, Dr. Thomas Kovack. We already mentioned that working on you range of motion can help to strengthen your shoulder, but today we’ll be giving you some easy stretches that you can do daily in order to help regain your shoulder strength post shoulder resurfacing surgery.

Stretching is a must, especially once you start to use your shoulder muscles again, things will start to tighten up. There are many great benefits to stretching your muscles, you can avoid stiffness and increase the muscle strength. As an easy and gentle stretch, grab your opposite elbow and cross your body with it. Only go as far as you feel is needed and hold for 20 seconds and repeat 3 more times. You should be feeling a stretch on the outside of your shoulder and bicep during this mobility movement. If your under arm is feeling quite sore and stiff, grab the stop of a doorway. While keeping your arm straight, slightly lean forward. You should feel a stretch down your armpit and into your side by your ribs. Hold this stretch for 20 seconds at a time and repeat 3 more times. Keep in mind that you should never be forcing a stretch.

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