Arthroscopic Biologic Total Shoulder Info

If you have been wondering more about arthroscopic biologic total shoulder replacement, then you are in the right place. At you can find all of the information you need. Our top shoulder specialist, Dr. Kovack, has what it takes to give you the natural shoulder repair you need to get back to your active lifestyle in Columbus, Ohio.

This surgery is like any other shoulder replacement surgery out there. With Dr. Kovack’s experience, research and knowledge, he is able to perform flawless surgeries to repair your shoulder with natural materials. In this day and age, buying organic foods and finding products that are all natural are a must. Why should anything change when it comes to surgery? In our minds, surgery should be completely natural, so that you can keep your body happy. With this amazing surgery, you can get back to your normal workout routine within weeks. Within six weeks of your surgery, you can experience full range of motion with no more pain! This amazing and surgery is one that is usually done as outpatient, meaning no hospital stays. Does this sound like a surgery you would like to learn more about? In a recent interview with WBNS-10TV, we went over the facts of this surgery. Check it out!

To schedule your consultation with Dr.Thomas Kovack, we invite you to visit us online today. Read up on this great surgery and have all of your questions answered!

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