After reading our previous blog about the shoulder exertion of professional baseball pitchers, you’ll be all caught up on the strenuous activity of throwing a baseball at 92 mph. Without proper prevention, exercise or care, you can seriously injure your shoulder.

Most shoulder injuries are treatable with help from a top shoulder specialist. One of the most common throwing injuries is tendinitis or tendon tears. Tendinitis in your bicep is caused by throwing over and over so much that your tendon is inflamed and irritated. A damaged tendon that is continually used can result in a tendon tear which typically requires shoulder surgery.

An injury to the rotator cuff is not uncommon either. The rotator cuff is the group of tendons, ligaments and muscles that form a barrier around the ball and socket in your shoulder. When the shoulder improperly rotates, the labrum has trouble stabilizing the shoulder in place and can become frayed. When the rotator cuff is slightly damaged, it is difficult to repair while still exerting force through your shoulder. Continuing to use your shoulder when it is hurt can result in even further injury.

Shoulder instability is a very common injury for baseball pitchers or anyone that throws on a regular basis. When the head of the humerus slips out of the shoulder socket – dislocation – the arm hangs freely away from the shoulder. While a shoulder dislocation can happen immediately, it is commonly a gradual wear and tear that eventually causes it to slip out of place.

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