1. 3 Surgeries To Try Instead Of Total Shoulder Replacement

    Looking for the best shoulder surgeon in Columbus? Try looking for a shoulder specialist who considers your age and activity level before recommending (and doing) a total shoulder replacement. There are plenty of shoulder surgery alternatives out there, and many of them could be better suited to you…Read More

  2. Exploring All Shoulder Surgery Options

    When you have a shoulder injury, or even a condition which hinders your movement like glenohumeral arthritis, it can be difficult to go through your day-to-day activities as you once did. No matter your age, activity level, or health, having limited range of motion and pain in your shoulder can be f…Read More

  3. Is Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery Replacement Right For You?

    A Different Kind of Shoulder Surgery For decades, traditional and highly invasive shoulder surgery methods have left patients with lengthy recovery times, pain, and far from ideal approaches to treating serious shoulder injuries. Traditional approaches leave much to be desired in the way of properly…Read More

  4. Top Three Reasons to Choose Arthroscopic Biologic Total Shoulder Resurfacing

    What is Arthroscopic Biologic Total Shoulder Resurfacing? It may sound like a complicated procedure, but it’s more complex than complicated. While traditional shoulder surgery and shoulder replacement procedures offer results — albeit with limitations, higher chances of complications, and other …Read More

  5. Shorten Your Offseason with Arthroscopic Biologic Shoulder Resurfacing

    Don’t Get Left on the Sidelines with Shoulder Surgery Whether you’ve been blindsided by a 300-pound linebacker or suffered an accident that merely resembles these effects, you’re likely to have some serious bumps and bruises from this impact. However, if your shoulder-wrecking injury has left …Read More

  6. Why Arthroscopic Biologic Total Shoulder Resurfacing Might Be Right For You

    Consider Your Options If you’ve recently been informed that your shoulder injury requires corrective surgery, you’re probably a bit overwhelmed by the thought of the procedure — and understandably so. Traditional shoulder surgery is incredibly invasive, requires weeks of painful rehabilitation…Read More