1. Shoulder Pain’s Most Common Cause

    Shoulder pain causes discomfort and limitations to those who experience it. Some pain will lead to surgical solutions while others can be treated with physical therapy. The most common cause of shoulder pain for those that experience it is tendinitis. Tendinitis is inflammation found in the rotator …Read More

  2. Advantages Of Shoulder Resurfacing For Adolescents And Young Adults

    In a previous post, we discussed reasons why patients might want to seek out shoulder replacement alternatives. At the top of that list was age: total shoulder replacement surgery is typically reserved for patients who are 60 years old and above. However, as many young athletes know, injuries and ar…Read More

  3. If You Have Severe Shoulder Pain, You May Need Shoulder Resurfacing In Columbus

    It’s commonly true that one doesn’t realize the necessity of a certain body part until it is no longer functioning as normal. Are you experiencing shoulder pain? Isn’t it tedious that throwing a ball isn’t as easy or even possible when you have a shoulder injury or arthritis? A simple task l…Read More

  4. The Path Of Shoulder Recovery

    The quickest way for ultimate shoulder recovery is extreme dedication to your recovery regime. Following a total shoulder replacement, there are three distinct eras of the regime: operation to six weeks, six to twelve weeks, and three to six months. Each era brings you closer to full health. Are you…Read More

  5. The Story Of A Shoulder Injury

    It’s the final minute of the game. Tyler Winfriit gathers his team for the last huddle. “Alright, men, this is our last drive. James, make sure you snap the ball hard and straight. Frankie, you better catch this pass. Jags on three.” “1-2-3 Jags!” The team breaks from the huddle and jogs t…Read More

  6. Shoulder Resurfacing Helps Arthritis

    Arthritis is the inflammation of a joint that causes stiffness and pain. There are many types of shoulder arthritis including rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis or degenerative joint disease among others. No matter the direct type of shoulder arthritis, the cartilage around the shoulder ball and s…Read More

  7. What To Expect Before And After Your First Shoulder Surgery

    So you’ve recently spoken with your physician about undergoing shoulder surgery, but you’ve never had surgery before; what are you supposed to expect? Thanks to the spectacular advancements in medical technology in the past century, surgery is easier than ever. Don’t assume it will be a breeze…Read More

  8. What Is Shoulder Resurfacing, Really?

    After suffering a shoulder injury or disease, the variety of options available for recovery treatment are abundant: physical therapy, platelet and stem cell procedures, or surgery just to name a few. Recover from a shoulder injury is particularly tricky due to the constant daily use. For the purpose…Read More

  9. 4 Simple Immediate Recovery Techniques for Shoulder Resurfacing Patients

    Whether you’ve had shoulder resurfacing surgery due to arthritis or injury, are old or young, physically fit or getting by, these shoulder exercises will bring your range of motion to full swing in no time. The purpose of shoulder resurfacing with Dr. Kovack is to give your shoulder the range of m…Read More

  10. Common Shoulder Injuries

    After reading our previous blog about the shoulder exertion of professional baseball pitchers, you’ll be all caught up on the strenuous activity of throwing a baseball at 92 mph. Without proper prevention, exercise or care, you can seriously injure your shoulder. Most shoulder injuries are treatab…Read More