1. Are Stem Cell/PRP Injections An Alternative To Surgery?

    As modern medicine and technology continue to evolve, there are a number of shoulder, elbow and knee surgery alternatives available. The trick is assessing the relevant factors and discovering which surgery alternative is right for you. When it comes to the best shoulder, elbow and knee surgery alte…Read More

  2. Why Choose Total Shoulder Resurfacing

    Finally, An Alternative To Total Shoulder Replacement For years, there were limited options when faced with undergoing shoulder surgery and/or total shoulder replacement. These procedures involve incredibly invasive steps, and place addition strain and stress on the shoulder, leaving many shoulder r…Read More

  3. Know Your Options: Alternatives to Traditional Shoulder Replacement

    Most patients have heard of total shoulder replacement and are somewhat familiar with the traditional version of shoulder replacement. Conventional shoulder replacement involves an invasive surgery in which a metal humeral implant with a stem and ball and a plastic socket or cup that will be cemente…Read More

  4. Five Foods To Ban From Your Diet If You Have Arthritis

    Arthritis is the word we use to refer to diseases related to inflammation and joint pain. Although we lack much knowledge regarding arthritis, including what causes it, treatments have been developed over the years, including shoulder replacement surgery. Medical research and patient experience have…Read More

  5. A Few Reasons For You To Consider Shoulder Replacement Alternatives

    Shoulder pain is common at many stages of life. Young athletes can suffer a shoulder injury during a sports match or playing too rough during recess. Other young people may be suffering from juvenile arthritis in the shoulder. Many older people have shoulder pain due to injuries from accidents. In a…Read More

  6. Shoulder Replacement Alternatives

    Shoulder injuries do not limit themselves to a specific age group or type of activity. Since shoulder injuries can happen to anyone, we make it our mission to provide treatment through different mediums to make sure everyone has the best options. Conventional shoulder replacement surgery (or total s…Read More