Shoulder resurfacing in Columbus, OH is a much less invasive alternative to shoulder replacement. Rather than removing the humeral head completely, the typical resurfacing procedure will top off the existing humeral head with a metal cap. Our surgeon, Dr. Kovack, can offer you a more natural solution with biological total shoulder replacement and resurfacing. These types of procedures use cartilage from a donor rather than metal caps or other synthetic materials. Shoulder resurfacing is a popular choice among patients that qualify because the recovery time is a lot shorter and much less painful.

The reason why the recovery time is easier is because this procedure is considered to be much more conservative and less invasive when compared to traditional total shoulder replacement. After your surgery you can expect to wear a sling for around 6 weeks. During these weeks a physical therapist will teach you how to restore motion in your shoulder with a wide variety of stretching exercises. Every patient has their own unique experience, but in the majority of cases you will be able to drive anywhere from 2-6 weeks, play in your garden again in 2 months and swing your golf clubs in around 3 months. Your surgeon will be able to assess your individual needs and tell you when you are ready to get back to these kinds of activities and which ones that you should avoid.

Our doctor is the top shoulder specialist in Columbus, OH, and he has paved the way for these less invasive alternatives to traditional shoulder surgery. For more information about what shoulder resurfacing involves and the recovery time please visit our site. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns that you may have!