After you’ve met with a shoulder specialist and your shoulder replacement is complete, it’s easy to think you’re through the worst of it. Unfortunately, recovering from the shoulder surgery can be difficult and require a lot of time and effort.

When you work with Dr. Thomas Kovack in Columbus, you’re in luck. We’ll perform the shoulder surgery, provide you with shoulder pain treatments or alternatives to shoulder surgery, and provide all the resources you need for recovery.

In today’s blog, we’ll help you know what to wear after shoulder surgery. Of course, when you work with the Columbus Shoulder Doc, we’ll help you every step of the way. Both before and after your TSR surgery or other shoulder surgery, we’ll make sure you’re comfortable with the procedures and understand what you need to do after leaving our office. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or to look into shoulder surgery options.

Wear A Shoulder Immobilizer

This will largely depend on what shoulder surgery you have done. At the Columbus Shoulder Doc, we offer arthroscopic shoulder surgery, total shoulder resurfacing (TSR), rotator cuff treatments, and other shoulder surgery options. Each option will require different recovery times, different durations for wearing a shoulder immobilizer, and different physical therapy exercises.  

That being said, a shoulder immobilizer can be instrumental in the very first days following your shoulder procedure. If you need to wear it, we generally recommend its continued use until your first rehabilitation meeting, which is usually one to three days after your procedure.

Use A Postoperative Sling

A postoperative sling will be your best friend as you recover from your shoulder surgery. Sure, reaching for things in the kitchen or lifting anything at a weird angle was painful before your surgery. However, these same movements will still be painful after your surgery, and overexerting yourself could slow recovery or cause further damage.

If your shoulder specialist performs a repair of the rotator cuff or labrum, recovery will be more extensive.

Without a repair, you’ll wear a postoperative sling for anywhere from five days to two weeks after your shoulder replacement surgery. You can basically stop wearing it once you feel comfortable without it, though it’s wise to check with your shoulder specialist first. Physical therapy can help you determine if you’re ready to discontinue wearing the sling. You don’t have to wear it at night, though you can if it makes you more comfortable.

With a repair, you’ll wear the sling all the time for the first three weeks, including when you’re sleeping, but excluding when showering. During weeks three through six after your shoulder surgery, you can determine what’s best for your needs and wear it accordingly. After the first three weeks, you can also discontinue wearing it at night if you wish, though if you’re a restless sleeper it would be wise to continue wearing it.

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