What to Expect Before and After Your First Shoulder Surgery

So you’ve recently spoken with your physician about undergoing shoulder surgery, but you’ve never had surgery before; what are you supposed to expect? Thanks to the spectacular advancements in medical technology in the past century, surgery is easier than ever. Don’t assume it will be a breeze; we are still operating on your body. It will take dedication to recover to full health, but these advancements make the preparation, recovery and therapy easier and more efficient than ever.

Surgery Preparation
Talk with a top shoulder specialist around Columbus to ensure you understand the procedure. The more you know, the better off you will be. In the time directly preceding your surgery, take it easy. Get enough sleep and stay hydrated to ensure your body is healthy prior to the toll it is about to take. If you are healthy going into surgery, your doctor can focus directly on the surgical task rather than other health concerns you may have during surgery. It is better for everyone if you are well rested, hydrated and nourished leading up to the operation.

Surgery Recovery
Dr. Kovack has the shoulder surgery under control, so following surgical preparation, you are in the hands of a superb specialist until the surgery is over and it is time for your recovery. When you appropriately care for yourself in preparation for surgery, your natural health will propel you forward through recovery. Immediate surgery recovery includes immobilization of your shoulder, but that doesn’t mean you have to be miserable. Post up in a room with great sunshine for some vitamin D and oxygen. Eat nutritious foods as your body will be working hard alongside the pain medication. Most importantly, follow your doctor’s orders. He is the top shoulder specialist in Columbus, OH afterall.

Surgery Therapy
There are many paths of beneficial shoulder physical therapy. For some beginner exercises, check out our previous blog. Physical therapy for a shoulder reconstruction can be as long as 3 months of strenuous treatment. It’s imperative to stay diligent to your continued recovery as you won’t want to be back in the surgery chair anytime soon.

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