What is Causing Your Shoulder Pain?

Your shoulder is part of everyday life. Without it, you may not be able to do normal daily tasks, like brushing your teeth, pouring your morning cup of Joe or even driving to work. Can you imagine taking on your daily routine without your shoulders? It would be nearly impossible. So what would happen if you injured your shoulder to where you can’t use it comfortably? Today the top shoulder specialists in Columbus, OH is going to be giving you some eye opening insight in what can cause shoulder problems to occur.

Shoulders are used repeatedly throughout the course of a normal day, and if you are an athlete, chances are, you are using your shoulder much more frequently due to the movements you are doing. Shoulder injuries and pain are usually caused from the soft tissues and muscles in the shoulder region breaking down. When you use your shoulder too much, it can cause your shoulder tissues to break down faster than an average person. As people get older, tissues can start to deteriorate faster, which can cause injuries to happen easier. With technology, such as an MRI, x rays and an ultrasound, we can locate the source of your shoulder pain.

Go ahead and make your consultation online with Dr. Thomas Kovack today, and start looking for a solution to your shoulder pain problems! We have the top shoulder specialists in Columbus, OH, so hurry in now and get examined!

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