The Advantages of Biologic Total Shoulder Replacement & Resurfacing

Not so long ago, there used to be only one type of shoulder replacement surgery that you could get. This traditional surgery is referred to as open repair because the surgeon had to make larger incisions to replace the joint with either a metal or a plastic joint. Now, thanks in large part to our very own Dr. Kovak, there is another option available called arthroscopic biologic total shoulder replacement and resurfacing. This is a much less invasive outpatient surgery that involves replacing the damaged cartilage with cartilage from a donor using super small instruments.

There are many advantages to choosing this type of shoulder replacement surgery. The first major advantage is healing time after your surgery. Because this type of surgery uses small incisions, it doesn’t require cutting through the rotator cuff and it retains more of the bone, it requires a much shorter recovery period. Another major benefit is that with the biologic material (cartilage and bone), rather than the synthetic material there is less of a risk for complications. This type of surgery also allows the patient to remain active for much longer.

This revolutionary type of surgery has many more benefits, however it is not ideal for every candidate. The ideal candidate for arthroscopic biologic shoulder surgery is younger than 50 years old, physically active and has arthritic shoulders that are relatively flexible. If you feel that you are a good candidate for this type of surgery give us a call at 614-321-2547. Our top shoulder specialist in Columbia, OH was one of the first to perform this kind of surgery in our area; if you want to learn more about the surgery itself or our surgeon, please visit our site today.

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