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Signs You May Need a Reverse Total Shoulder Replacement in Ohio

Reverse Total Shoulder Replacement

Shoulder injuries or arthritis can be troublesome, but how do you know the severity of your injury? There are a standard list of symptoms that are clear indicators that the problem is severe enough to require surgery. If you find that you’re experiencing these symptoms or life changing factors, please click here to schedule an appointment for a reverse total shoulder replacement consultation with Dr. Thomas Kovack in Columbus, Ohio.


Pain: Whether it’s progressive over time, becomes worse with activity, or interferes with sleep, pain is a good sign that something is wrong in your shoulder.
Instability: Does your shoulder frequently pop out of place or give way when you’re trying to push or pull?
Loss of Motion: This generally restricts you from lifting your arm high above your head or even raising your arm at all. It is likely to feel very stiff.
Atrophy of Muscle: The lack of motion can lead to your muscles decreasing due to lack of work. Is one shoulder’s muscle smaller than the other?
Swelling: The body’s natural reaction to an injury is to swell in order to protect the area. Heedyour body’s warning.
Crepitus: Do you hear a clicking, popping, or crunching sounds when you move your shoulder? Crepitus is created by friction between the bone and cartilage.
Tender to the Touch: Does your shoulder simply hurt when you touch it or sleep on it?


Interference with Activities: Are any of the symptoms above restricting you from playing sports or doing any activities that you love? Don’t let this hold you back any longer.
Loss of Independence: You should be able to groom, bathe, and dress yourself with both arms.
Interference with Sleep: Whether it’s the pain that wakes you or the tenderness that prohibits a comfortable night’s rest, sleep is essential to heal your body. If your body can’t heal itself through sleep, consider talking to Dr. Kovack for a reverse total replacement surgery in Ohio.
Interference with Work: Ultimately your job security is dependent upon you being able to fully complete your work. Don’t let a shoulder problem inhibit your work.

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