Shoulder resurfacing may sound daunting, but all you really need to know is that it’s an effective shoulder surgery alternative — depending on your needs. Whether you are 30 and have had an active lifestyle that has led to shoulder problems or you’re 60+ and you’ve had shoulder surgery in the past, the Columbus Shoulder Doc can help you.

Dr. Thomas Kovack is a shoulder surgeon with years of experience doing total shoulder resurfacing surgeries — along with many shoulder surgery alternatives. Whether you’re looking for the best shoulder surgeon for you and are just getting started or you’ve done your research and know the Columbus Shoulder Doc is for you, reach out to us today. You can schedule a consultation to meet with Dr. Kovack and find the best shoulder surgery for you. Read below to learn more about hemiarthroplasty, but Dr. Kovack will discuss this option extensively with you when you visit!

How Does Resurfacing  Work? How Is It Different?

A conventional shoulder replacement surgery — total shoulder replacement or TSR — is a popular shoulder surgery that has been around for a long time. That doesn’t, however, mean it’s right for you. A typical total shoulder replacement replaces your arthritic joint with a plastic socket and a highly polished metal ball attached to a stem.

During total shoulder resurfacing a total shoulder surgery alternative, your shoulder surgeon resurfaces the ball and the socket. Most commonly, shoulder surgeons recommend this because your humeral head is severely fractured but your socket is normal. Other reasons for shoulder resurfacing instead of TSR include:

  • Shoulders with weakened bone in the glenoid
  • Shoulders with torn rotator cuff tendons and arthritis
  • Shoulders with arthritis in only the head of the humerus

What Are The Benefits Of Shoulder Resurfacing?

OK — so why choose resurfacing instead of total shoulder replacement?

  • Less Invasive – When surgery is less invasive, you’ll have fewer cuts and a shorter required time for the surgery. With resurfacing, your shoulder surgery is only resurfacing the ball and not the socket, meaning less time and work will be required to get your shoulder performing optimally again.
  • Quicker Recovery – You never knew just how much you used your shoulder — until it was too painful and you simply couldn’t anymore. Instead of waiting even longer to be able to comfortably use your shoulder again, you could have a quicker recovery by trying shoulder resurfacing instead of TSR.
  • Future Convenience – If you need another shoulder surgery in the future (hopefully many years down the road), then that surgery will most likely be less invasive because you had this work done in the past.

Find A Shoulder Surgery Alternative At The Columbus Shoulder Doc

You want to have full mobility and strength returned to your shoulder so you can improve your quality of life. If shoulder surgery is necessary for this, then a TSR alternative might be appropriate. Visit the Columbus Shoulder Doc today for a consultation with Dr. Kovack to discuss your shoulder surgery alternatives.