Shoulder Replacement Alternatives

Shoulder injuries do not limit themselves to a specific age group or type of activity. Since shoulder injuries can happen to anyone, we make it our mission to provide treatment through different mediums to make sure everyone has the best options.

Conventional shoulder replacement surgery (or total shoulder arthroplasty) is generally ideal for younger patients or very active older patients because it is more intrusive, includes metal implants, and requires dedication for recovery.

This is why we make it a priority to stay on top of technological advancements for shoulder replacement alternatives. It’s our mission to help you heal through the best procedure. Below you will find brief descriptions of Columbus Shoulder Doc’s alternative procedures.

Arthroscopic Biologic Total Shoulder Resurfacing (ABTSR)

This procedure offers the same benefits of a conventional shoulder replacement. However, there are two main differences. The incision is less than 1cm since the procedure is arthroscopic, and the damaged tissue is replaced with an anatomical graft donated from another person with similar anatomy structure.


Humeral Head Resurfacing (HHR)

This procedure involves the placement of a metal cap on the end of the humerus that joins the socket instead of replacing both the ball and socket altogether. The metal cap comes textured and coated so that, over time, it grows into the bone for a natural fit.


Glenoid Resurfacing

Similar to humeral head resurfacing, glenoid resurfacing repairs just the glenoid socket of the shoulder joint. However, instead of using a metal replacement like conventional shoulder replacement or HHR, glenoid resurfacing uses a donor graft (similar to ABTSR), or a plastic or poly implant. The decision for which material is best for glenoid resurfacing is dependant on each patient due to age, physical activity and understanding the advantages and disadvantages of each.

If you’re the victim of a shoulder injury and are looking for shoulder replacement alternatives, give Dr. Kovack a call today to schedule your appointment at 614-930-6489 or visit us online!

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