If you have severe shoulder pain, you may need shoulder resurfacing in Columbus

It’s commonly true that one doesn’t realize the necessity of a certain body part until it is no longer functioning as normal. Are you experiencing shoulder pain? Isn’t it tedious that throwing a ball isn’t as easy or even possible when you have a shoulder injury or arthritis? A simple task like washing your hair can be painful if you let your shoulder sit idle without treatment. It’s not worth it to continue to suffer through the pain when there are great shoulder treatment options available. If you have severe shoulder pain because of an injury or arthritis, you should consider shoulder resurfacing with Dr. Thomas Kovack in Columbus, OH.

Shoulder resurfacing is a technologically advanced treatment that allows you to have your shoulder resurfaced arthroscopically. It’s a minimally invasive treatment that gives you extraordinary results.

The benefits of shoulder resurfacing surgery are numerous. Since it is performed arthroscopically, the incision is minimal. Rather than recover from shoulder resurfacing and a large incision, you can focus your efforts on the shoulder alone. Furthermore, Dr. Kovack is able to remove all scar tissue and damaged parts of the shoulder and nothing more. Since the technology is so small, it can reach very tight areas and get only the bad parts. Rather than going through an entire shoulder replacement, shoulder resurfacing allows Dr. Kovack to remove the damaged tissue. The healthy parts of your shoulder will not be damaged.

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