Gain Back Your Range of Motion

Shoulder surgery is a big step, and if you’ve recently recovered from shoulder resurfacing with Dr. Thomas Kovack in Columbus, OH, then you are probably eager to start using your shoulder like you did before you injured it. If you were an athlete or you just liked working out regularly before your surgery, we can see why you are tempted to start regaining the strength that your shoulder has lost. There are many great ways that you can start to regain your shoulder strength, and one of these ways is by bettering your range of motion. Here are some ways that you can regain the range of motion that you lost after surgery.

It is a must that you start working on your range of motion as soon as Dr. Kovack says it is okay. Simple range of motion exercises include leaning forward and letting your arm swing in circles, like a pendulum. This will help warm up your shoulder muscles. To make sure that you aren’t losing your balance, hold on to a chair or table with the other arm to keep you steady. Your circles should start off small and gradually get bigger. Make sure that you are switching directions to work muscles on all sides of your shoulder. A good number to start off with is 20 circles each direction three times with a little bit of rest in between sets.

If you aren’t sure that your shoulder is healed enough to start completing range of circle exercises, be sure you contact our office!

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