What to Expect When Seeking Athletic Shoulder Injury Treatment

Taking the plunge and committing to any form of shoulder surgery is never a decision to be make lightly. But when you’re in pain and seeking treatment and relief, knowing all of your options is the best, first step you can take. Dr. Kovack’s hands-on and patient-focused practice is devoted to providing you with the safest, most effective shoulder surgery options in the Columbus area. Having this expertise on your side when seeking experienced and professional shoulder surgery is invaluable; repairing tears, rips, breaks, and other arduous injuries of the shoulder requires specificity and a keen knowledge of the affected area. Similarly, properly assessing, diagnosing, and treating an athletic injury requires advanced knowledge of the complexities of which our amazing shoulders are comprised. Dr. Kovack and his seasoned and professional team are well-trained in proper assessment and diagnosis of athletic shoulder complications and injuries, giving you the upper hand against further complications on your road to recovery. If you’re seeking to explore your treatment options, but aren’t ready to commit to face-to-face consultation, learn more about the restorative and transformative shoulder surgery options we offer.

What Are the Signs And Symptoms of A Sports-Related Shoulder Injury?

When your shoulder is causing you great pain, the type of injury you’ve experienced is probably the furthest thought from your mind. Rather, you’re likely wanting the safest and most effective (not to mention speediest) procedure and recovery possible. However, properly and accurately diagnosing a sports-related shoulder injury is tantamount to performing the surgery itself. Dr. Kovack sees and treats myriad shoulder injuries with varying degrees of severity. Some of the most common include:

  • Rotator Cuff Tear – This condition is most commonly brought about through throwing and racket sports, and it manifests itself when one or more of the four rotator cuff muscles is strained or torn
  • Dislocated Shoulder – One of the most excruciating and cumbersome sports-related injuries, this condition is most often brought about through a fall or intense impact
  • AC Joint Separation – This is an acutely painful sprain to the acromioclavicular joint that is affixed to the top of the shoulder, stemming commonly from a fall atop an outstretched arm
  • Glenoid Labrum Tear – A fibrous band of tissue that connects to the outer areas of the shoulder blade’s socket, this painful injury occurs through various, intense contact and motion

If you feel any of these or other potential injuries are negatively impacting you, get in touch to learn more about how Dr. Kovack and his team can help restore your quality of life.

Don’t Let Your Sports Injury Keep You Out of the Game

No sports injury is ever a welcomed surprise. And, at times, it may seem like your injury is insurmountable. However, the talent, dedication, and unsurpassed quality of services provided by Dr. Kovack and his team are well-poised to get you back in the game as safely and as soon as possible. Don’t let a sports injury derail you and keep you on the sidelines; begin the process of transforming and restoring your shoulder’s health today.