Don't Believe these Shoulder Replacement Myths

Don’t let misconceptions and common myths dissuade you from seeing your local orthopedic surgeon to discuss your shoulder replacement options. There are many myths floating around out there that make many people think they are too young for an arthroscopic shoulder surgery, that the circumstances aren’t right, or that the replacement shoulder will feel unnatural and uncomfortable. Keep reading to learn the truth about shoulder replacement surgery.


The Replacement Will Feel Unnatural

Shoulder implants are designed using information gleaned from studying the shoulder joint, and new shoulder replacement technology is appearing all of the time. These replacement implants are designed to reproduce the smooth movement of your shoulder, but as with any major surgery, you must give your body enough time to heal and adjust to the implant. Most patients are pain-free by six months to a year following the surgery.

I’m Too Young For Shoulder Replacement Surgery

Many people assume that arthroscopic shoulder surgery is for the over 50 population, but surgeons do not hold any such limitations. If it becomes necessary for you to have a shoulder replacement surgery, don’t let your youth stop you. In fact, shoulder replacement implants are likely to help you maintain a more active lifestyle once you are fully healed.

I Don’t Need Shoulder Replacement Because I Don’t Have Arthritis

Although arthritis is closely related to arthroscopic shoulder surgery, this is not the only reason a person should have shoulder replacement surgery. A shoulder replacement can become necessary due to a fracture, a damaged or torn rotator cuff, a defect, etc. If you think you may need a shoulder replacement in Ohio, visit us to meet with our surgeon.

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