At some point or another, chances are that most Americans are going to deal with a rotator cuff issue.

In fact, studies estimate that between 25 and 50 percent of Americans over the age of 40 suffer from some degree of rotator cuff tear, and an estimated four million Americans suffer from some form of rotator cuff disease — the most common cause of shoulder pain in adults.

Thus, it stands to reason that rotator cuff discomfort, pain, or immobility will put millions of Americans at risk of disability?

So, what are the options? Traditionally, there have been limited resources available to prevent these issues before they blossom into major problems. Rotator cuff procedures have involved invasive surgeries to attempt to repair the later stages of degeneration.

But what if you could catch and fix these issues before there is no other option? Now, you can.

Dr. Tomas Kovack, the leading shoulder specialist in Columbus, helped introduce the Bovine Collagen Patch breakthrough to his patients in Ohio.

This bioinductive implant technology heals the tissue before it becomes further damaged and treats rotator cuff disease with minimal complications and faster healing.

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What Is The Bovine Collagen Patch?

The Bovine Collagen Patch, also known as the Rotation Medical Rotator Cuff System, is a new solution for rotator cuff disease and injuries.

This bioinductive patch gets implanted to the injured section of the rotator cuff arthroscopically and ultimately promotes the healing of the tendon as the patch itself slowly dissolves and helps induce the growth of new tissue.

Healing can begin in the matter of a few short weeks without the complications and months of rehab brought on by invasive surgery and rotator cuff repairs.

Who Can Benefit From The Bovine Collagen Patch?

Anyone who experiences a rotator cuff injury or degradation can benefit from the Bovine Collagen Patch.

Whether your rotator cuff issue is the result of genetics, an injury, trauma, or simply wear-and-tear, the patch can slow and ultimately heal the issue, reduce pain, shorten recovery time, and even decrease your chances of needing a more invasive procedure.

This innovative alternative to rotator cuff surgery, which has helped many patients in Columbus to see results, works on everything from small/low-grade partial tears to large, full-thickness rotator cuff tears.

Elderly Americans and young athletes alike can ultimately benefit from this minimally invasive technique and begin back on the path to health.

Advantages Of The Bovine Collagen Patch

Why is the Bovine Collagen Patch the best alternative to rotator cuff surgery? It’s quite simple, really.

The procedure can promote a fully healed rotator cuff tendon in as little as 12 weeks, allowing you to get back to your active, pain-free lifestyle sooner than traditional surgery.

In addition, this rotator cuff repair system can:

  • Shorten rehabilitation time
  • Allow for faster recovery
  • Prevent or slow down rotator cuff disease
  • Decrease risk of another tear

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Why Choose Dr. Kovack?

Dr. Thomas Kovack is a board-certified shoulder, knee, and elbow specialist in Columbus with years of innovation and success to his name.

Whether you are looking for rotator cuff surgery alternatives, total shoulder replacement alternatives, or even stem cell therapy options, he can help.

The Columbus Shoulder Doc has successfully helped hundreds of patients of all ages to discover a pain-free lifestyle once again.

Dr. Kovack specializes in non-invasive procedures which promote healing and provide viable alternatives to complicated surgery.

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