You’re tired of it.

That knee is giving you nothing but fits, locking up and delivering nothing but agonizing pain to the point where you can’t even perform simple tasks.

Gone are the days of your active lifestyle with two fully functioning knees. Now, all you do is sit around in pain, wondering whether or not you’d ever be able to live a healthy, pain-free lifestyle again.

One doctor suggests a possible total knee replacement, one that is not only going to cost a pretty penny but will also leave you stranded on the long road to recovery. Not to mention, invasive surgeries have always been sort of daunting to you anyway.

There is good news on the way. Gone are the days where going under a big, open surgery is the only option. Dr. Thomas Kovack, the leading knee specialist in Columbus, is now proud to offer minimally invasive, highly effective TOTAL knee replacement alternatives to patients in Ohio.

Our Columbus knee specialist is trained and knowledgeable in a wide range of treatment options and procedures, and you can rest assured that he will find the one that’s right for your particular ailment.

Let’s say you absolutely do need a total or partial knee replacement. If that’s the case, then our Columbus knee specialist can handle it.

But before we consider that as an option, Dr. Kovack will explore every available non-operative and knee surgery option. Dr. Kovack has received extensive training, and continues to study and learn, the latest technologies and techniques which allow for minimally invasive surgeries to heal your pain. His techniques are known to lead to faster recovery, decreased complications, and even a decreased medical bill.

Keep reading to learn all about some of the most advanced alternatives to invasive knee surgery and contact the Columbus knee specialist today to book your consultation.

Let’s kick that pain.

Knee Resurfacing

Dr. Thomas Kovack is a leading orthopedic specialist in Columbus with a wide range of expertise. His leading breakthrough procedure, known as Total Shoulder Resurfacing, has garnered significant accolades and recognition among patients and industry professionals alike.

The same principles of shoulder resurfacing can also be applied to the knee, thus providing a minimally invasive procedure option that makes use of the existing joint, cartilage, and bone rather than replacing it completely.

This method allows patients to receive the same great benefits as a full knee replacement with faster recovery times and fewer complications.

Stem Cell/PRP Therapy

Do you want to avoid surgery altogether?

Then stem cell/PRP therapy might be a viable alternative to consider. Over the past several years, the medical industry has made great strides in order to better understand the benefits and proper application of stem cells, bone marrow aspirate concentration, and/or platelet-rich plasma (PRP).

In this method, an orthopedic specialist takes regenerative stem cells from your own bone marrow, or growth growth factors from the blood, concentrates them, and and re-injects them into the affected area.

This essentially allows the body to help heal itself using the tools it has at its own disposal — all without the need for surgery or other procedures.

Learn more about stem cell therapy from our Columbus knee specialist and make your initial appointment today.