Advantages of Shoulder Resurfacing For Adolescents and Young Adults

In a previous post, we discussed reasons why patients might want to seek out shoulder replacement alternatives. At the top of that list was age: total shoulder replacement surgery is typically reserved for patients who are 60 years old and above. However, as many young athletes know, injuries and arthritis don’t care about age. Our shoulder resurfacing services in Columbus provide many advantages for these younger patients. Here are just a few.

Minimal Bone Resection

Resurfacing is far less invasive than total shoulder arthroplasty and typically results in conservation of more of the original bone. This is obviously preferred by younger patients who would like to retain as much of their original skeleton as possible.

Reduced Risk of Humeral Fracture

After undergoing any kind of shoulder procedure, the last thing any patient wants is to learn that fractures have developed in their humerus and must now endure another surgery. Because resurfacing is so much less invasive than complete shoulder surfacing there’s less of a chance that fracturing will occur.

Short Operative Time

Because it’s less invasive, a resurfacing procedure takes less time meaning younger patients don’t have to clear as much of their schedule to get it done.

Faster Recovery Time

In addition to being a faster operation, recovery time from resurfacing is also faster. Our patients typically able to go home the same day of the surgery. Most of the time they’re able to start shoulder exercises within 24 hours, and physical therapy 10-14 days later.

Dr. Kovack is a shoulder resurfacing expert in Columbus, and is available to help you determine which procedure is best. Contact our offices today!

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