A Few Reasons for you to Consider Shoulder Replacement Alternatives

Shoulder pain is common at many stages of life. Young athletes can suffer a shoulder injury during a sports match or playing too rough during recess. Other young people may be suffering from juvenile arthritis in the shoulder. Many older people have shoulder pain due to injuries from accidents. In addition, many older people have shoulder pain because of a variety of arthritis strains that can HAPPEN with old age.

Reasons Conventional Shoulder Replacement Surgery Is Limiting

A traditional approach to treating shoulder pain, whether because of injury or arthritis, was conventional shoulder replacement surgery. However, there are a few reasons why we have advanced our technology in this area, as this procedure is not always the best option.

Reasons To Consider Alternatives

As we said above, our technology is advancing which allows us to adapt conventional surgery to better fit more patients in need. Arthroscopic biologic total shoulder resurfacing, humeral head resurfacing, and glenoid resurfacing all offer shoulder pain relief and should be considered for these reasons:

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