As we age, we expect our bodies to change. A groan here, a tight muscle there — it’s all expected, right?

However, there are certain signs you should always look out for and meet with a specialist for when they occur. Shoulder injuries, for example, can lead to long-lasting pain and can decrease your quality of life if you don’t meet with a shoulder specialist when you should. If you’re in the Columbus area and are considering shoulder replacement or another shoulder surgery — or you simply have questions about your shoulder pain — then contact the Columbus Shoulder Doc today. Read our blog for tips and advice, and then visit us for a consultation with a shoulder specialist.

You Have Shoulder Pain

This one seems like a no-brainer, right? You have shoulder pain and you then meet with a shoulder doctor — it’s common sense. However, many people ask themselves, “When should I see a doctor for shoulder pain?” and end up waiting longer than they should. Look out for these signs:

  • Pain – Is the area around your shoulder painful?
  • Swelling – Is there swelling around the area of your shoulder pain?
  • Tenderness or warmth – Is the area around your shoulder pain tender? Warm?
  • Wakes you up at night – Does your shoulder pain wake you up or prevent you from sleeping?

Basic Tasks Are Difficult

You should be able to perform all of your daily tasks with ease. From grocery shopping to cleaning and dressing yourself or getting tasks done at work, you should be able to comfortably do these tasks and not let shoulder pain get in the way. If it does, a shoulder pain treatment could be necessary.

There Is Loss Of Range Of Motion

You may not realize just how much range of motion your shoulder provides — until it’s not there anymore. This could be a huge sign that a shoulder replacement or other shoulder surgery is necessary. Your shoulder specialist can help you determine what’s needed.

There Is Stiffness After Inactivity

As we said above, our bodies change as we age. However, extreme stiffness in your shoulder after a time of inactivity isn’t a good sign — and isn’t a typical symptom of aging. A shoulder doctor can outline a variety of shoulder surgery options that provide a solution.

You Can’t Maintain Your Normal Lifestyle

If you live an active lifestyle — playing racquetball, picking up grandkids, running, etc. — and it’s uncomfortable, painful, or impossible because of your shoulder pain, you should meet with a shoulder specialist immediately. We can provide shoulder surgery options that won’t inhibit your active lifestyle.

Contact A Shoulder Specialist Today

Here at the Columbus Shoulder Doc, we can help you restore motion, comfort, and strength to your shoulder. Meet with our shoulder specialist in Columbus today so you can return to your normal lifestyle — free of shoulder pain. From TSR surgery to alternatives to shoulder surgery, Thomas Kovack is an expert shoulder specialist who can help.