You finally visited a shoulder specialist after you couldn’t reach the top shelf in the kitchen one day — you had let it affect your sports enough, but not being able to reach the top shelf? It was officially time to look into a shoulder replacement surgery.

Here at the Columbus Shoulder Doc, we do what we can to help everyone with shoulder injuries — from the moment they step into our office to the moment they go back to their normal, daily activities. If you’re just beginning the process, be sure to look for alternative procedures instead of total shoulder replacement or what to look for in a shoulder surgeon. As you recover from your shoulder surgery, be on the lookout for what to wear after a shoulder replacement surgery, tips for making your life easier after a shoulder surgery, or, like this blog, exercises you can do to strengthen your shoulder.

We’ll discuss five different shoulder replacement exercises that you can start doing right after surgery in today’s blog, but be sure to always discuss your options with your shoulder specialist or a physical therapist. Here in Columbus, Dr. Kovack is an experienced and knowledgeable shoulder specialist who can guide you through shoulder replacements, alternatives to shoulder surgery, and more. Contact our office today to learn about shoulder surgery options or to get help with a shoulder replacement exercise.

Elbow Range of Motion

Remove your sling and bend your arm at a 90-degree angle. Now, bend and straighten your arm, much like you’re brushing something off the front of your body. As your arm is in a sling, your elbow will become stiff from being in the same position for long periods of time. This exercise will help you to avoid that stiffness. Do this 10 times, three times per day.

External Rotation

Bend your arm at a 90-degree angle. With your elbow against your body, use your other hand to rotate your forearm out. You should do this until your arm is pointing in front of you, but make sure you don’t rotate farther than this. Do this 10 times, three times per day.

Grip Strengthening

As you don’t use your hand as much after shoulder surgery, this will help to strengthen your grip and prevent blood clots. Use a stress ball or make a tight fist and hold for 10 seconds before you release. Do this about 10 times, three times per day. It will also help pump the fluid out of your arm and help to decrease swelling.

Scapula Retraction

To strengthen the muscles around your shoulder blade and increase shoulder movement, stand straight and pinch your shoulder blades together. Hold for 10 seconds before repeating. Do this 10 times, three times per day.

Supported Arm Pendulum

While bending over at your waist, rotate your arm in small clockwise and counterclockwise circles. You can support yourself by placing your other hand/arm on a chair, table, or other stable object. Do this 10 times, three times per day.

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