Looking for the best shoulder surgeon in Columbus? Try looking for a shoulder specialist who considers your age and activity level before recommending (and doing) a total shoulder replacement. There are plenty of shoulder surgery alternatives out there, and many of them could be better suited to your needs and lifestyle.

Learn more about shoulder surgery alternatives and read on to discover how you could benefit from a surgery alternative. Here at the Columbus Shoulder Doc, Dr. Thomas Kovack is dedicated to truly doing what’s best for his patients — one shoulder at a time. Contact us today to get started.

Total Shoulder Replacement

First, let’s discuss what a total shoulder replacement surgery is. During this shoulder surgery, the entirety of your shoulder joint is replaced with artificial parts. The problem that our shoulder specialist consistently sees in this field is shoulder surgeons offering complete total shoulder replacement for glenohumeral arthritis — regardless of age or activity level. This is because it’s the easiest option, but that doesn’t mean it’s right for all patients. This is also frequently referred to as total shoulder arthroplasty or TSA.

Partial Shoulder Replacement

This is an effective surgery alternative to a total shoulder replacement. Also called a “shoulder hemiarthroplasty,” a partial shoulder replacement involves the humerus (the upper bone in the arm) being replaced with a prosthetic metal implant. The other half of the shoulder joint remains as is. That being said, depending on your needs and lifestyle, Dr. Kovack may use tools to reshape and smooth the socket so you can have increased shoulder joint movement.

Humeral Head Resurfacing

During this total shoulder surgery alternative, your damaged humeral head is fitted with a metal cap. Your natural humeral head is not removed, and, unlike during a total shoulder replacement, no stem will be inserted into your shoulder. Instead of a ball and a stem, you simply have the cap to preserve your natural movement and bone. Understandably, this is a much less invasive shoulder surgery that provides a great range of movement.

Total Shoulder Resurfacing

TSR, or total shoulder resurfacing, is much less invasive and conserves much more bone than a conventional TSA, or total shoulder arthroplasty, does. An established orthopedic company called Arthrosurface with a newer design has shown much less chance of loosening over time as compared to a conventional total shoulder arthroplasty. This is the key difference that allows patients to continue to be highly active without restrictions which is usually recommended after the TSA. The joint surfaces of the bones with arthritis are ground down and then resurfaced. This takes into account that the ball-and-socket joint isn’t perfectly round naturally. When completed, it allows the joint to move. Current studies show that this doesn’t show the potential for the loosening you would experience with a total shoulder replacement.

Find A Shoulder Surgeon You Can Trust

The best shoulder surgeons aren’t the ones who immediately recommend a total shoulder arthroplasty without considering your age, lifestyle, or hobbies. Dr. Kovack considers all of this, which is why you can depend on him for surgery alternatives that work and will help you maintain your active lifestyle. Contact the Columbus Shoulder Doc today for shoulder surgery alternatives for you and check out our testimonials.