1. 5 Shoulder Replacement Exercises From A Shoulder Specialist

    You finally visited a shoulder specialist after you couldn’t reach the top shelf in the kitchen one day — you had let it affect your sports enough, but not being able to reach the top shelf? It was officially time to look into a shoulder replacement surgery. Here at the Columbus Shoulder Doc, we…Read More

  2. 3 Surgeries To Try Instead Of Total Shoulder Replacement

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  3. 10 Must-Haves To Make Life Easier After Your Shoulder Surgery

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  4. What To Wear After Shoulder Replacement Surgery

    After you’ve met with a shoulder specialist and your shoulder replacement is complete, it’s easy to think you’re through the worst of it. Unfortunately, recovering from the shoulder surgery can be difficult and require a lot of time and effort. When you work with Dr. Thomas Kovack in Columbus,…Read More

  5. Understanding Rotator Cuff Surgery Alternatives

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  6. Alternatives To Invasive Knee Surgery

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  7. What To Look For In A Shoulder Surgeon

    Aches. Searing pain. An inability to complete tasks that were once a part of your everyday life. These are a few factors which could indicate that a shoulder operation is imminent. Whether you’re suffering from post-traumatic arthritis, an injury which has made it difficult to move or even sleep, …Read More

  8. Exploring All Shoulder Surgery Options

    When you have a shoulder injury, or even a condition which hinders your movement like glenohumeral arthritis, it can be difficult to go through your day-to-day activities as you once did. No matter your age, activity level, or health, having limited range of motion and pain in your shoulder can be f…Read More