dreamstime_14273200If you’re considering an arthroscopic procedure, then you might be wondering what you can expect from your recovery. Recovery times after an arthroscopy vary depending on the procedure type and location as well as the patient’s overall health; we’re going to focus on some general things that you can expect. After your arthroscopic procedure, you can expect to:

Need a Ride

Have you had your wisdom teeth extracted? Do you remember how groggy you were when you first woke up? If you will be given a general anaesthetic for your arthroscopic procedure, you’ll want to arrange for someone to come and pick you up when you’re allowed to go home, either the day of the procedure or the following morning depending on the individual. You can expect the anaesthesia to completely wear off within 48 hours.

Need Painkillers

As with any surgery, a certain amount of pain is expected. If you’ll be on prescription painkillers, the trick will be to stay ahead of the pain rather than behind it. Use all prescribed medications as instructed by your doctor. As arthroscopy is minimally invasive, you should be in less pain than you would have been following a traditional surgery.

Need Ice Packs

Use ice packs to reduce swelling and numb pain if your doctor recommends that you do so. Patients can expect to feel normal again anywhere between days after the surgery and several months after.

If you suffer from arthritic shoulders but are still fairly flexible and active, then the Arthroscopic Biologic Total Shoulder Resurfacing procedure that we offer might be the perfect fit for you. Our arthroscopic shoulder surgery in Ohio is great for candidates under 50 years of age who still want to lead active lifestyles. Contact us to learn more or to schedule an appointment with our orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Thomas Kovack.