What is Arthroscopic Biologic Total Shoulder Resurfacing?

It may sound like a complicated procedure, but it’s more complex than complicated. While traditional shoulder surgery and shoulder replacement procedures offer results — albeit with limitations, higher chances of complications, and other unsavory side effects — arthroscopic biologic total shoulder resurfacing offers patients who qualify myriad benefits, many of which are unobtainable with traditional shoulder replacement surgery. Curious about the benefits arthroscopic shoulder surgery can bring you? Take a peek below for the top three reasons patients who qualify are choosing Arthroscopic Biologic Total Shoulder Resurfacing.

Reason Number Three: Shortened Recovery Times

Any time you undergo a medical procedure that requires down time, you’re probably hoping that the downtime is limited. While arthroscopic biologic total shoulder resurfacing  does require a few days to recover, it is an outpatient procedure, meaning that, once Dr. Kovack and his team have carefully monitored your post-surgery vitals and you’re cleared to travel home, you’re free to go! No staying overnight or waiting around. After a few days of recovery time, you’ll then see Dr. Kovack for a check up, and plan or begin your physical therapy for recovery.

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Reason Number Two: A More Natural Procedure

Traditional, highly invasive shoulder surgery requires significant time in the operating room, as well as a more aggressive approach to shoulder repair. Total shoulder resurfacing is a much gentler and socket-specific procedure; as the shoulder socket isn’t a perfect circle, the ball prosthetic that will be put in place matches the socket, creating a much smoother and more natural fit. This leaves you with a greater range of motion that feels more like your natural shoulder, rather than that of a roughly designed implant, as is common with traditional shoulder surgery.

Reason Number One: Successful Recovery and Quality of Life

As we mentioned, arthroscopic biologic total shoulder resurfacing has reduced recovery time, meaning that, once you’ve completed physical therapy and have been cleared by Dr. Kovack, you can return to activities in which you may not have been able to take part for some time. For many patients, the recovery time is shorter than they imagined, and they’re performing tasks that may have been out of reach for them prior to surgery. Although, arthroscopic biologic total shoulder resurfacing is a somewhat new procedure, early studies are showing promising results for fewer complications years down the road, whereas traditional shoulder surgery may require numerous procedures following setbacks such as tears, tissue degradation, or other complications.  Although there are certain criteria by which patients are assessed to see if they qualify, many patients who have been turned away by other shoulder surgeons find that they are perfect candidates for arthroscopic biologic total shoulder resurfacing. If you feel that you could benefit from arthroscopic biologic total shoulder resurfacing, don’t hesitate to reach out Dr. Kovack and the Columbus Shoulder Doc team today to learn more or to begin scheduling your first appointment.