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Bankart Lesions

Bankart Lesion

A Bankart Lesion occurs when the humerus dislocates and the labrum is torn. This can be initially treated non-operatively with a brace that can help the labrum to heal naturally. However, if this fails it can be surgically repaired using anchors and sutures. This procedure involves small incisions and limited morbidity. For more information on this condition, click here.

Distal Biceps Rupture

Distal Biceps Rupture

This condition occurs when there is a tear in the distal end of your bicep muscle or tendon. Although there are nonoperative treatments available, surgery allows for anatomic re-attachment of the tendon for return to normal function. To learn more, click here. 

Reverse Shoulder Replacement

reverse shoulder replacement

If you need a shoulder replacement and do not have a functioning rotator cuff, this operation may be your best option. To learn more, click here





Rotator Cuff Tears

rotator cuff tear-info page

By the age of 60, over 50% of people have a rotator cuff tear. Some tears are traumatic and require immediate attention. There are non-operative treatments available, and whether or not to perform surgery is often decided based on age and activity level of the patient. Surgical repair offers the opportunity to heal the tendon with a high success rate. To learn more, click here.

Superior Labral Tear (SLAP Lesion)

superior labral tear

The surgical repair of Superior Labral Tears have about a 94% satisfaction rate and 91% of patients return to their pre-injury level of shoulder function. To learn more, click here.


Total Shoulder Replacement

If you need a total shoulder replacement and have a functioning rotator cuff, this  surgical procedure will 

replace the 
arthritic ball and socket of the shoulder and completely remove the arthritis that is plaguing you. To learn more about this, click here.



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